Friday, May 22, 2015

The Legend ~ #BlueMoonMagic #amreading #BYNR

Inspiration for authors and their stories come from all things in life and the Blue Moon Series is no different.

There is a werewolf, dogman, legend in and around the Kettle Moraine Forest of Wisconsin near the small burg of LaForge. Stories of sightings of a wolf-life creature standing upright has been reported as early as Native American tales of shaper-shifters to eye witness accounts of the beast today.

It’s this legend that prompted the book, Beast of Brey Road, by Linda Godfrey and a tv movie produced in fully Hollywood style. 

It is also the legend that got me to thinking, what if there were werewolves who lived amongst us on a daily basis. Your co-worker, neighbor, best friend could be one of these hybrid members of a society unknown to us mere mortals. Blue Moon Magic brings you three sisters, and an unknown brother, who are finding out what it’s like to be part wolf and part human, it’s everything made of myths and legends…minus the howling at the full moon and biting an unsuspecting traveler’s body.

We are proud and excited to bring you into our own werewolf society where the Elites and Betas are anything but friends. Where there is a magic in the coming of a blue moon. Where love and passion reigns supreme, even among beasts and their human counterparts.

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